Monday, February 2, 2009

New Design.

I have been working on a few new designs for the coming year....will give you a sneek preview over the next couple of days.
Take care.

What have you all been up to !!!!!!!!

...Helicopter ride over Nelson Bay...
...Road between Sydney & Newcastle...
...Nelson Bay...
... Mosaics at Portland...
Welcome to the new year......
It has started in fast forward hasn't it with January already gone.
I have been busy, what about you ? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day with your families as I did.
On Boxing day my hubby and I heading down to Portland for a couple of days....have a look at the gorgeous mosaics I found down on the water front....not sure who did the work on it but it is amazing .
The week after the new year we headed off again to spend a few nights in Sydney, Nelson Bay & Newcastle.
The amazing road cut through rock between Sydney and Newcastle was unreal.
Had a helicopter ride over Nelson Bay...well worth the money if you are ever up that way.
Then back to Sydney to share the hotel with the tennis stars.
Saw a few tennis players BUT not sure who they were as I don't follow the
...Let me know what you have all been up to...