Thursday, April 19, 2012

"New Office"

We have finally moved our office from the house into a old guards train carriage.

Old guards carriage. Now new office.
The carriage had been out in the weather with the doors wide open for years and was in very poor condition when we moved it to our block.
A builder we know who loves a challenge worked on it for months replacing windows, getting the doors to work, restoring the old wooden floor and adding two rounds windows in the ends of the carriage.
It turned out fantastic, we were so pleased. It now contains a meeting room down one end,
air-conditioning, timber floor, toilet, kitchen sink and office, decking out the front and still waiting for a curved roof over the decked area.
I think you could actually live in one of these things if you were on your own, its so spacing and comfortable.
A view through the round window.