Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Projects

I know I promised two weeks ago to share my latest projects, but life gets in the way!! Finally I can show you some pictures of the projects, what they shall be will remain a secret until finished.
It feels good to be sewing again and spending some time with my friends, although at times our sewing circle is sometimes a sewing triangle!! It seems harder for us all to get together.
This weekend my sister and I will visit the quilt show in Ballan and
look forward to seeing the new Mill Rose Cottage patchwork shop, I have seen the building renovations and it looks awesome. The classroom is fantastic and I look forward to teaching classes there in the near future.
My gorgeous sister surprised me tonight with a beautiful framed piece made up of 7/8 inch grandmothers garden blocks. There is one block for each day that we sat together and stitched while we waited for our beautiful boy to wake up and one each for emotion/feeling that we shared. I wouldn't have made it through without her support. We cried, laughed and stitched together. Cheers for now....Kerry x

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Apologies for my absence since christmas but our year got off to a rocky start when my middle 'baby' had a bad car accident in early January and we have only just come home. I have spent every day for 8 weeks at the hospital and between the stress and travel I have not had time for sewing or anything related! We are fortunate that Beau is making a great recovery, but as the doctors never ceased to tell me 'its a long road'!! He amazingly still looks like him even though he broke every bone in his face and is now full of metal; he has some deficits in his memory from post traumatic amnesia and a damaged shoulder. We still have doctors appointments and rehab nearly every day of the week but we are home and getting on with things and for this we are grateful. We are going to celebrate the New Year from March 1st - the day Beau came home!

Sitting at the hospital I did have my sketch book with me and started designing a few new projects.  I am going back to my sisters tonight to my sewing circle so as soon as I get a bit of stitching done I'll share a snippet with you. Hopefully within the next few days. So until take care.