Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sydney Wholesale Market

My sister Marg & I heading off on a road trip up to Sydney to the QCE Wholesale Market earlier this month. We got lost only an hour from home, so it wasn't a good start....lol. we had a GPS in the car also BUT that didn't help. We rang the hubby who got us back on track, then headed across to Kilmore, Broadford then up the Hume highway and on our way in the right direction lol. The first stop being "Stonleigh" Patchwork shop in Wodonga. Brought a little bit of fabric to start a small project while we were away. Stopped for lunch and a cuppa with my hubby at Yass on his way home from Newcastle, arriving in Parramatta around 7pm.
We had a lovely 2 days at the show, catching up & meeting with a lot of new and old friends.
Thank you to all the ladies that dropped by to say hello, it's such fun to be surrounded & talking to people with the same interest...I just love it.
Here is a picture of my stand number 59 set up.
I will be at the Melboure AQM in November , so if any of you ladies are there please drop by and introduce yourself to me & Marg, we will be on stand number 11.
Thanks for your help and great company Marg....xxx
Can any one spot my new quilts ?
Cheers from me to You.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Roebourne & Perth

Hi Everybody, hope you are all well.
I have been away over the last month spending a few days catching up with a dear friend Sue and her family in Roebourne WA.
When I left here the temperature was around 14degrees arriving in Roeboune later that day to a HOT 32degrees......it seemed so hot to me but mild to them as the temp in summer reaches up to 50degrees...lol...that why I went in the winter...lol.
Flying in was amazing looking out the window at the landscape below, the dirt is a real red and orange marble effect from the sky, the ghost gumtrees lining the dry river beds, it is so different but beautiful.
Went on a tour of a Rio Tinto iron ore mine, Cape Lambert where Sue's son is an apprentice diesel mechanic which boasts one of the longest and tallest jetty's in Australia....every thing was coated in red dirt...lol
Love the hard hat and goggles...lol..Regulation dress code...lol
I met some of the local artists while I was in Roebourne.
Their paintings were divine and all so different, each with their own style and use of colour.
Sue took me to a kids playground so I could get a picture of me with one of the retired BABY dump trucks they use in the mines up there.
Yep!!!! that's me near the wheel.
Had a great few days up there BUT was glad to be heading down south to Perth to the cooler climate....that heats just no good for the hair style.
Sue came with me to spend a little time and a lot of money in Perth, checking out the patchwork shops, dress shops and the craft show was in town..lol..we ate, slept and spent well...lol...I even brought some knitting needle's and wool to knit a scarf...We had a ball.
Perth is such a beautiful quiet city. I fell in love with the mosaic and Morton Bay Fig trees in King's Park....came home on a mission to buy and plant one BUT haven't yet....I know I will never live long enough to see it grow BUT my great great grand kids can enjoy or curse me for planting it ....lol.
Took the train down to Freemantle for the day, came back via a river cruise, had a pedicure and hot rock massage....now that was different, but fantastic. The weather was perfect. We both had a wonderful time.
We have made a pact to meet every two years, so two years from now we are heading to Sydney for a week of retail therapy, food and relaxation.
Below is a picture of Sue having tea and cake at a cafe in Freemantle.

So cheers for now.
Take care
Kerry x

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quiltaid 2010

I am proud to take part in this wonderful project again this year.
12 designers & 12 great shops.
Quiltaid 2010 will be launched today at Darling Harbour Craft Fair in Sydney, for those of you who will be attending please look out for them and let me know what you think.