Monday, October 29, 2012

Christmas is Coming

Hi everyone I just thought I would "show off" with this Christmas Quilt that’s been in the making for 10 years.

My sister Marg was in Canada 10 years ago and brought these gorgeous Santa blocks while she was there. Our group of crafty ladies in Ballarat decided we would all make the blocks and set them into a quilt of our own design. We all started with enthusiasm with the first few blocks then Christmas come and went and the blocks were put away. Over the years I have done a block or two and before I realised they were all done. So this year while I was having the year off from designing, I found these little blocks in a bag while tidying my craft room and decided to get out my graph book and draft a quilt for the blocks.

I am still to add borders BUT so excited it’s now complete and will be ready for this Christmas along with my newly extended family room.

My Ballarat friends, Marg, Pam, Elizabeth, Rose, Jenny and Elsa are all keen to dig out their blocks and get started again on theirs.

How many of us start a quilt then put it aside to get started on yet another one.

I did say to my sister the other day that I would complete all the quilts that I have started over the years IF I live long enough and stop buying more….haha … as if that will happen.



Pauline said...

ah mate you have outdone yourself.,.I want it NOW., you are going to make us wait....rofl...looks awesome

Anonymous said...

Hi, It's great hearing how exciting your year off has been. Hope hubby's healing is going along nicely, you just never know what's around the corner. Just love your new baby design too and that Christmas quilt is lovely!!

Hope to bump into you around the traps, it's always nice to catch up and have a chat. Take care, Leanne