Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hi everyone
Been to Orlando and the Kennedy Space Centre, a road trip down to Miami and Key West.
Miami is HUGH, HOT and HUMID. A very colourful city but way to warm for me.
Down to Key West you go over 42 bridges one being 10mile long, I did count them on the way back...lol. That was well worth the visit, a very cute town.
Flew into Las Vegas staying at Caesars Palace on the 22nd floor over looking the pool area, 7 pools all different shapes and sizes.
Saw "Cher" and "O" shows and took a helicopter ride down into the Grand Canyon. All amazing'
Down to San Diego, did the zoo, park and sea world. The panda at the zoo was so gorgeous I have posted a picture of him just laying back eating bamboo.
Off to Los Angeles tomorrow.
My sister arriving here Wednesday morning,so packing my hubby for home Wednesday night,
Sis and I will be flying to Houston Quilt Market for 3 days....
So until next time take care.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We made it to the USA.

Hi everyone.
I am sitting in a hotel in Orlando as I speak. Ahh !!!!!!
Graham and I arrived in Los Angeles safely on Thursday morning arriving 1 hour earlier then scheduled as we had a good tail wind as a result of the tsunami, so the captain said.
The flight was fine and not near as bad as I thought it would be, I just sat back and enjoyed watching a few movies, reading my book and had a nannying nap.lol.
After arriving at the motel in LA for the night we jumped onto a tour bus of downtown LA, through Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, The Grove, Hollywood, Chinese Theatre, Walk of Fame, Sunset Strip, Venice Beach (we were a little early to see all the muscles...dam...lol) then to the Farmers Market for a light lunch then back to the motel to bed as the jet lag was catching up with us.
We caught an earlier flight out Friday morning to Orlando.
Had a quick look around the Disney Market last night, what an amazing place for kids, then over to Kennedy Space Station today, it was well worth the visit BUT how amazing would it be to actually be there when they launched one of those space shuttles....now that would be a day to remember,amazing.!!!!
Off to Miami tomorrow by car for a few days, one of those days spent driving down to
Keys West.
Well I better sign off before I bore you all to tears...lol.
Will keep you up to date. I will add a few photos the next time, so until then take care.
Kerry x