Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had an uneventful flight to Atlanta, and settled into our beautiful historic hotel on the 18th floor in the middle of town for the next 2 days.

Can you believe after Houston we still managed to visit 4 quilt shops in the area and found something to buy at 3 of them lol.

Visited the beautiful botanical gardens where they had a scarecrow exhibition, it was just fantastic.

Headed off to Savannah stopping at the "Whistlestop Cafe" for fried green tomatoes for lunch, it was soooo pretty driving off the main highways.

Arrived at Savannah just on dusk, it looked amazing, big oak trees backlit by lanterns with Spanish moss hanging from them. It was so interesting as it is such an old city, there are no tall buildings, maybe 14 stories would be the highest.
Our hotel room is a lovely corner room with balcony and a view of a beautiful church across the road.

Please visit again soon as went stopped off at Moultie and then on to New Orleans.

I will have to bore you with a few pictures from the AQM in Melbourne a couple of weekends ago in between my trip.

Well I better move as I am in the designing mood and have started a new project this morning. Will give you a peek prview of that as soon as I have something to show you in

  1. Take care chat soon.


Kerry x

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hi Everyone
We finally made it to Houston.
OMG What a fair !!!!!!! HUGH !!!!!!!
Marg and I arrived Thursday afternoon, dropped off our bags at the the hotel and off to the show. We were there for 4 hrs and only did 2 aisles.
Spent all day Friday and Saturday spending up BIG....OMG....the antique quilt stands, there would be at least 8 of them with a variety of quilts and prices.
Marg ended up with 2 gorgeous 1930's quilts and I ended up buying 3 ,the price on the Suffolk puff quilt, I just couldn't walk away, two were 1930's and one a 1890's.
The Market.
Two of my Antique Quits
Marg in bed with one of her Antique Quilts.