Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hello my name is Kerry Gillespie and I am a designer of stitcheries, dolls, bears and quilts.
This is my first blog entry, I am still learning so please be patient with me. Stay tuned for lots of show and tell, I have a lot of patterns I have published and hope to show you.

Kerry's website


Bernadette said...

Welcome to Blogland Kerry! I can't wait to see all your gorgeous patterns up close on your blog.

Lissa Jane said...

Welcome to Blogland Kerry!
Bernadette sent me here, and I hope you share some pics of your projects real soon :O)


jennywren said...

Hi Kerry,
I love what you have up already and look forward to seeing lots more :)
Jenny F

Cath Ü said...

Hi Kerry,
Cath Ü here from Angels in Disguise. Welocme to blog land.
Here are mine if you would like to check them out...

Hurry up and get your dolls etc on here... Love the ones in your header on you front page here...
Cath Ü

blessed speedy said...

HI Kerry
Bernadette sent me too!!!
Enjoy blogdom - it is fun!!!
Looking forward to seeing your blog grow and develop

Jane said...

Hi Kerry, welcome to blog land.
You know me, but not as Jane.
I have one of your animals half made and undressed.
I used to see you at Werribee and I used to be seen with Bernadette...
Happy guessing