Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Snowball Season

This is one of my quilts from last season....I went mad on Snowmen and civil war fabrics in blues and browns.
It is simple stitchery and pinwheel patchwork piecing.
I colour washed the snowmen in fabric paint.


Bernadette said...

Kerry I love that snowman quilt but then I am partial to pinwheels! It would make a cute boy's quilt or even a little girls quilt in pinks and whites or greens.

alda said...

Your Snowman quilt is beautiful!!!!
and I found so many lovely Things in your blog, you make really pretty designs!
I will come soon again....but first I
will add your site to my blog.

Mary said...

Kerry, I love that snowman quilt, but can't seem to find where to buy pattern. I checked all the sites you gave, but no one seems to have it. Do you know when/where the pattern will be released or is? Thanks, Mary
Love your blog