Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Harrieteville Weekend

The hand pieced wheel I did on the weekend.
My friends , Jennifer, Jenny & Wendy.
Magnolia Tree in bloom.
Part of the gardens and hills.
I have been busy and away twice since my last post.I have been up to Harrieteville with 3 friends for a weekend of sewing, eating and was bliss.
I did a hand piecing class with a very talented girl named Yelena, she has a patchwork shop in Beechworth.
The setting where we stayed is just gorgeous, surrounded by hills and the gardens superb.


Pauline said...

How cool is that wheel? very nice work mate. Saw pics of you on Gails site as a busy little beaver aint ya? Cant wait till you down here, girls all looking forward to it...cheers

Lissa Jane said...


I love your wheel.. of course the fabric choice really appealed to me.. I have been working on two civil war fabric projects this weekend.. a thimble/tumbler swap with your dear friend Bernadette as well as a worlds fair block quilt.. 80 blocks down and ??? to go!

take care and loving your handpiecing project!!!