Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kookaburra's and New Project

Hi Everyone
Hope you are all well.

I have a few photos I would like to show you .
Firstly is a picture of my birthday present I got from my hubby a few weeks ago, I just love kookaburra's so when I received this I was over the moon. It's a bird bath with 3 copper kookaburra's sitting on a piece of steel rod. Its looks devine in my garden.
The designer is from Tasmania named Kooper Tasmania, how clever some people are.
Secondly is a sneak preview of my new quilt I have been working on over Christmas.
I brought this bundle of fabric on my trip over seas last year in Atlanta.
It has a big appliqued panel across the top followed by row by row of different patchwork blocks.
I have been checking out fabric for a border. I think I have it right now.
Gee that can be the hardest thing to pick sometimes.
Not a lot of my quilts end up with borders BUT I just felt that this one needed it.
Once I have the borders on off to the quilters. Yippee !!!!!
The pattern should be available in a couple of months.
Take care.


Jenny said...

Love it! Looks absolutely gorgeous and can't wait to see it with the border on.

clare's craftroom said...

Love your new quilt Kerry and the kookas are amazing !

Pauline said...

nice mate...lovely colours...think you should do the quilting yourself though..ha hah....