Tuesday, January 3, 2012

AQM, Flight in Seaplane, Christmas 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR  to everyone
Since my last entry, I have been busy and very slack writing my blog......sorry.
I promised myself that I would write once a week BUT the weeks flyby then turn into months....lol.
So please encourage me with your comments.
I will be having a few giveaways as well, so keep checking in when you have the time.
I did the Australian Quilt Market in November at the Convention Centre in Melbourne.
Thanks to all who dropped in to say hello.
Karen (a dear and patient friend of mine) and I had a wonderful day out early December.
We went for a flight over Melbourne in a seaplane from Williamstown beach. It was Karen's Christmas present from last year from her family. She asked me to go with her. Then my son Beau had the accident on 5/1/2011 so that put it off for 11months. I had forgotten about it BUT she waited until all was well at home before asking me again to join her. How good of her to wait that long. We had a fantastic day out. Williamstown is beautiful. It was worth the wait.

We did Chris-Kringle with the family Xmas Eve this year so we could all sit down and exchange presents without the rush Christmas Day. To our surprise one of our sisters decided to surprise us all by dressing up as Santa to give out the presents. Complete with a dancing/singing Christmas hat and little helper. We laughed and laughed.....
After the present giving we drove her around town in my convertible to spread the Christmas cheer. The kids loved her....lol.
We had Christmas Day at my place this year, and what a day to remember.
The sky's opened up with hail the size of golf balls.
We weren't as badly hit as some parts of Melbourne BUT the noise was scary and the cars dented.
They fell like bullets and bounced metres into the air.
It was unreal.

I hope you all had a Christmas to remember (in a good way) and wish you all good health, good luck and hope to see some projects finished in 2012.
I would love to hear how your Christmas went.
Bye for now.



Pauline said...

Happy New Year Kerry....glad you had a good one..thought you had dropped off the planet..beleive you visiting over here soon? let me know if you have some free time...here is my comment, so you have to blog again soon...hahahahahah

Cheryl said...

Hi Kerry lovely to see you blogging again. Was good to catch up at AQM with the girls from Stawell. Keep up the good work lol