Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mothers Day Giveaway

Come back and visit me on Monday for another chance to win one of my patterns....not sure which pattern...I will surprise you Monday.
Hope all you mums have a wonderful day Sunday.


Lissa Jane said...

and a happy mothers day to you Kerry! hope you are spoiled...

dh is on overtime tomorrow night and tonight so will be in bed all day tomorrow, so no spoiling here but not a biggie!


chook said...

Happy Mothers Day
I hope you have a wonderful day
hugs Beth

JOinTAS said...

Happy Mothers Day Kerry!
my dh is on the other side of Tassie working, I'll spoil myself by spending a day in my craft room!!

Leanne said...

Happy mothers day to all mothers, hope you all have a wonderful day. I'm sure my family won't mind me doing a tiny bit of sewing tomorrow.


Sarah said...

Happy Mothers Day Kerry!!
Just found your blog - looks good!!
x Sarah

Stina said...

Happy Mothers Day to You all...we dont have Mothers Day until the end of May in I will have to wait...;D

Sherry said...

Happy Mothers Day!