Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Design

Hi Everyone
Hope you are all well.
I have been busy working on a new design ..... not sure what to call it yet BUT am sure something will come to me before I finish it.
It has a big painted then stitched panel across the width of the quilt...I will give you a peek at each end of the design today and the middle section in a couple of days when I do a bit more of the stitching.
I am going away with a group of ladies this weekend called "quilters of the big room" to a local retreat. So I will take my panel and the patchwork section to work on in "peace" for a couple of days and hopefully nearly complete it.
I may even call upon you ladies to help with the naming of my quilt if I can't come up with something.....maybe a pattern of the quilt as the prize....ummmmm. sounds like a good idea......watch my site over the new couple of weeks to see the finished project and see what you can come up with.
Until then take care.
Kerry xx


Stina said...

Looking really good Kerry...good luck on the designing part!!

Herzblatt said...

Hi Kerry,
I love this new design....absolutely great....I will watch your site over the new couple of weeks and I promise to think about a funny name!!
I love your good "idea" very much....

Sherry said...

Love the new design Kerry. Hope you have a great time at the upcoming retreat.

trelly said...

It looks like wonderful!

barbaras countryhome said...

Hi Kerry, what a wonderful blog!!! I like it very, very well. I`ll come back to visit you.
Sorr, my english is very bad!!
Best wishes Barbara

sharonm said...

Hi Kerry I am Bernadette's friend Sharon, a novice quilter. The quilt's gorgeous maybe Raggedy Ann's Fantasy on Parade or Fantasy Land.