Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's time to help me with a name.

Hi everyone.
I have nearly finished my quilt, just need to add the borders!!
Now I need a name.
Put on your thinking caps and send in your ideas. Sorry for the urgency but I need a name by Tuesday 8th July, before I head off to Tassie.
Which ever name I love will be the winner of a "free" pattern of the quilt.
Thanks for your support.
I am really looking forward to see what you can come up with!


david santos said...


Linda said...

Such a sweet design, so here's a couple of thoughts from me. Teddy and Friends, The Toy Room Gang, Tag-a-long Friends.

Jane said...

Square off and bear with us.

Bernadette said...

Mine was Bearry Best Friends..but I am sure I can come up with something better! It's just adorable as usual.

Kerry said...

It's so cute! "Party Pals" maybe?

aykayem said...

hmmm not sure if I am good at thinking up names for nice things like that (I love naming my quilts/etc but mine are weird so the names are usually weird too)
First thing I noticed were the suitcases - LOL - how about
"Bear Essentials"
"Packing The Bear Essentials"
or maybe (seeing only some of them are bears)
"Furry Friends Fond Farewell"
or just
"A Fond Farewell"
or maybe
"Packing Party"
or seeing it probably wasn't meant to be about travel ... how about
"Party in the Toy Room"
or you could always call it "Toys Travelling To Tassie" so it reminds you of your holiday, or whatever it is you are going to Tassie for ...
I am sure someone else has/will come up with a better name than those ... LOL

Karen C said...

"Partied out"

Keep up the good work

Bernadette said...

Did you see Sharon's name, she put it in the post below! Teddy's Toybox friends,
Teddy and his toybox (or toyroom friends),Toyroom celebration, (Name of Dolly) and toyroom friends, (name of dolly's) toyroom party or celebration
just a few more don't know if there's any suitable there.